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A house fire can be an overwhelming event. Aside from you and your family's physical safety you will have to deal with devastating effect it has on your possessions. In extreme cases you will be forced to move out of your home for an extended period of tine; sometimes up to a year or more.

We at Certified Mold Professionals understand how traumatizing this can be and will take all possible measures to protect you and your family's safety and make the cleanup process as smooth as possible for you and your family.

Fire Damage Cleanup Service in NJ

Certified Mold Professionals Will Take All Possible Measures to Make
The Cleanup Process as Smooth as Possible For You And Your Family

The first step in the cleanup process will be to bag up and remove all clothing and soft window treatments from the home. All everyday clothing will need to be soaked overnight in a degreasing detergent and then washed in a laundry machine. We may need to repeat this process several times to remove all smoke odors from the clothing. All salvageable fabric window treatments will need to be professionally dry cleaned.

Next we will need to HEPA Vacuum all soot from the interior of the home. Soot actually consists of oil and it will need to be removed at the start of the cleaning process to prevent smearing which would make the cleaning process much more difficult.

The walls and ceilings will need to be cleaned with chemically treated dry sponges. All porous and semi-porous surfaces will be wiped with these specialized sponges to remove all surface contamination. If the damage is severe, we will need to prime and paint the surfaces once the cleaning process is completed.

Hard surface floors, windows, countertops and appliances and other contents will also be cleaned using the same dry sponge method and then cleaned and rinsed several times with a specialized degreaser to remove any soot residue.

Finally, all carpeting which is still salvageable will be professionally steam cleaned. The carpeting will also be disinfected and deodorized in the process.

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