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Certified Black Mold Removal Professionals has been working with homeowners to solve their mold inspection, testing, removal, and remediation needs in Hightstown NJ for almost thirty years. You will feel confident knowing that Certified Black Mold Removal Professionals are fully licensed, certified, and insured for your protection. The fact that we have been in business since 1995 ensures we can Hightstown with any Hightstown NJ mold remediation, testing and inspection project no matter how simple or complex it is. Most of the time we offer same day detection and assessment services since mold testing and inspection services can be a very time sensitive matter in Mercer County NJ! Always remember that you can count on Certified Black Mold Removal Professionals when it comes to all your Hightstown NJ mold testing, inspection, remediation, and removal needs.

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Our Company Specialists Offer Expert Basement, Attic, Bathroom, Crawl Space and Kitchen Mold Testing, Inspection, Removal and Remediation Services throughout Mercer County NJ.

Serving all of Mercer County New Jersey since 1995. Our company specialists offer professional independent third party laboratory testing services. This enables your mold removal and remediation project to go smoothly from start to finish. At Certified Black Mold Removal Professionals, our services include professional detection experience to provide you a complete inexpensive solution to your mold remediation problems. It does not matter where your contamination problems are located. Whether it's your attic, basement, bathroom, kitchen, or crawl space, we offer certified mold testing and remediation services in Hightstown New Jersey. Do not forget that NOT ALL MOLD IS DANGEROUS! DON'T LET OTHER COMPANIES SCARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! Call Certified Black Mold Removal Professionals now for a same day mold inspection, assessment, and detection service!

Customer service is also vital here at Certified Black Mold Removal Professionals. This is why we have a fully staffed office every day to help you with your Hightstown NJ mold inspection and remediation needs. We all understand how awkward it is to leave messages for mold remediation companies without ever getting your call returned. At Certified we understand how trying this is. This is why we make it our duty to answer every phone call that comes in. If for some reason you need to leave a message, a staff member will call you back to address your Hightstown NJ black mold testing and remediation service needs within a few minutes.



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Why call inexperienced mold assessment companies when we have three decades of
mold inspection and remediation experience behind us!

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